Decor Products Manufacturers of decorative aluminum and plastic trim for the automotive and appliance industries

Precision Craftsmanship

Elegance. Customer-winning attention to detail. Decor caps and skirts add the touch that differentiates your product from the competition. Caps can be shallow or deep drawn shells that give a "solid aluminum" appearance to plastic knobs. Skirts add functional as well as decorative touches, providing useful information for the knob user. Decor finishes for caps and skirts include opaque colors, special graphics, clear spun, spun tinted in almost any shade, brushed tops or sides, and brush resist. Diamond cut bevels add sparkle. Just the finishing touch you need.


Jewel-Like Appearance

Eye-catching color and design. Critical emphasis in every detail. Decor decorative aluminum inlays are skillfully crafted to let you create a unique look with decorative trim. Inlays are used on control and appliance knobs as an economical way to decorate a knob, to add information or color, and to provide that special touch. The flat discs are available embossed, opaque, clear spun, spun tinted, rectangular, convex or concave. Standard no-cost tooling is available in most diameters. It's the perfect finish for your product.


Diverse Options

In addition to screen printing and roller coating, Decor offers conversion coating and the ability to apply automotive approved powder coatings. Decor provides flat, formed, three dimensional caps and buttons for in-mold decorating. This fast growing service is a feature proudly offered through Decor - ever striving to meet your needs in order to provide that perfect... finishing touch!


Uncompromising Standards

Appealing design. Unquestionable class. Decor printed labels and overlays (polycarbonate, polyester, etc.) provide distinctive styling and practicality. The durable, flat, backprinted nameplates, labels and overlays are used for knob inlays, microwave panels, instrumentation panels, I.D. tags to name a few. They can provide instructions or information in a variety of shapes, sizes, colors and textures, for just the right touch.

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